Northside Music Newsletter

Here at Northside Music, we pride ourselves on being full of great information about pianos, organs, and keyboard instruments. But this knowledge does us little good if we cannot share it with the people who need it most- our customers. Coming soon we would like to provide our loyal patrons with a newsletter packed full of useful items. Some topics to look forward to may include:


  • How to care for pianos

  • General tips/ advice for pianos

  • Our rental inventory

  • Our sale inventory

  • Piano Pitch and Tuning

  • In-house news

  • Humidity and instruments

  • Finish care

This is just the beginning of a wide variety of topics we hope to cover with our ongoing newsletter. Since this is a work-in-progress we would love to hear ideas from you as well. Feel free to make suggestions on topics that matter to you!


We want people to know that by subscribing to our newsletter you never have to worry about the safety of your personal information. We are never going to give away, sell or use the information you provide to us for any reason other than to deliver a unique and informative newsletter from Northside Music. Again, we want our customers to know that we will never sell or give away the information you provide to us. 



We know it can be frustrating when your email gets filled with spam and useless recurring emails. We do not want to become the company that emails you once a day for updates.  Our newsletter will be published no more than once a month so there is no need to worry about continuous and bothersome emails from Northside Music. Subscribers always have the option to unsubscribe by following a link on the newsletter. Northside Music's newsletter has not yet been launched. We are currently working to build an audience base for our newsletter. We hope to begin publishing sometime in 2016 once we have built enough subscribers and interest.

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