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Restore the joy of organ music to your home or church

There are two basic types of organs, and Northside Music Co. in Lafayette and Kokomo, Indiana services them both:

Classical/Liturgical Church Organs

The other type of organ is Classical or Liturgical organs, often referred to as Church organs. These would include real pipe organs, digital pipe organs, 25 to 32 pedals, and a variety of electronic organs that have greater keyboards (usually 44 note keyboards). Some of these organs even have three or four keyboards. These organs assume the organist is more accomplished, meaning the organ will ‘do’ less for you. These may include traditional Hammond organs, often used in gospel or jazz music, but mainly imitate those classical pipe organs. There is a guild that sets standards for the U.S. market, called the “American Guild of Organists” (AGO). Most organs in this category are design approved by the AGO.

Almost all organs made since the late 1980’s include MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). This allows for additional functions and connection to computers, allowing you to expand the organ beyond its creation. Using MIDI, you can add extra voices and record and playback. MIDI is also sophisticated enough to interpret what you are playing and play along with you.

Home Organs


In popular styles and theater organ styles, there are “home organs”.  Home organs are instruments that focus on voices, often with a great variety of voices. The theater organ focuses on the harmonies and unique voices of musical style. These organs often include comprehensive computers that add a variety of choices such as intricate drum lines and sophisticated background accompaniments. A home organ often includes easy play setups for musical styles such as Swing, Waltzes, Latin music and Rock.

Our Organ Restoration Services

At Northside Music, we service both home organs and church organs. Our main base of operations is in Lafayette, Indiana, but we travel the entire state of Indiana and the eastern half of Illinois regularly. All restoration work starts with an estimate, so please give us a call at (765) 423-2323 to schedule. 

When working with pipe organs, we have to make choices; Can we maintain or restore original pipe organs, or does the scope of repair exceed the cost and effort of maintaining the system.  In either case, our answer is not to throw away traditional pipe organs, but sometimes we can upgrade the systems, while preserving the traditional look and feel of your organ.  In either case, our goal would be to be to give you another 50 to 75 years of regular use. We believe organs can be restored to last while retaining their original charm and historic appearance. 

We specialize in several types of organ work, including full restoration where appropriate:
Pipe organ tuning/regular maintenance
Assessments and appraisals
Electronic Upgrades (M.I.D.I.)
Hybrid digital and real pipe organ combinations
Custom projects
Installing new instruments
Restoring old instruments

Organ Showrooms and Service Area

If you’re interested in purchasing a new organ, we do have organs in our showrooms in Lafayette and Kokomo Indiana that we would be happy to show you. Our focus, however, is on repairing your existing organ with expertise and care. We can service any organ, and we travel all over Indiana and the eastern half of Illinois practicing our craft of restoration. All work begins with an estimate, so please call us at (765) 423-2323 or fill out the contact form on this site. We look forward to helping you enjoy your organ.

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