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imgAction of a restored Artcase Steinway Upright from the 1880's
imgGrand pianos at Northside Music Co. in Kokomo Indiana 46902
imgArtwork from Northside Music Co. in Lafayette Indiana from music truck
imgSteinway artcase upright piano restored at Northside Music Co. Lafayette Indiana 47901

Pianos and Organs Near Indianapolis, IN

For you music lovers that live in the Indianapolis, IN. area, we invite you to visit our Lafayette, Indiana or Kokomo, Indiana locations. 

There are over 600 keyboard instruments in our inventory, which is the largest inventory in Indiana. These instruments are available for sale or rent, and we carry name brands such as: Kawai, Galanti, Laughead, Wurlitzer, Kimball, Allen Organ, Young Chang, Story & Clark, Yamaha, Baldwin, Charles Walter, and Steinway. 

It's worth the drive to either Lafayette or Kokomo to see those hundreds of beautiful new, used, and antique instruments. Northside Music is like a musical museum without the red velvet ropes and signs that say, "don't touch!" And if you don't play, then perhaps you'd like to hear what a Story and Clark Player Piano sounds like.

But if you're not in the market for a new instrument, we can drive to where you are and provide repairs, restorations, and moving services in order to keep your current instruments ringing as beautifully as ever!

Don't be shy, it's definitely worth the drive!

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